6 tips for building a great CrossFit website

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Every CrossFit gym wants to be the best, to be top of the google search and the most renowned box in their locality. How do you get there though? If you want your functional fitness gym website to be considered among the best affiliate CrossFit websites online, you need to put the work into your website to make that happen.

Lets focus on the intent of the crossfit website first. Your website is there to attract new customers and add value to their experience with you and to convert them from mere prospects into an active leads who will reach out and take that next step towards becoming a member. First impressions count for everything. The design of your website is the first thing people notice. If it is a little outdated, with links that don’t work, that doesn’t bode well for turning that prospect into a lead. This doesn’t mean you have to spend 1000’s on a star bangled website with flashing icons and frills, but it does mean that your website should be clean, easy to navigate and easy to read. Lets have a look at our top 6 things you need to be making the difference with your CrossFit Website

1. Have a great CrossFit branded homepage

This is the first page people see after they do all their googling and decide to click on your link in the search listing. This page needs to have the power to hold a persons attention once they land on it.This is your anchor! It needs to be visually pleasing. The images need to be great and the right size. The fonts should be modern. The colour scheme should be strongly associated with your gym. It needs to be clean and easy to navigate

2. Easy navigation

You’ve got a visitor, they land on your homepage, they have read your initial offering and are hanging round, what next? What is the next logical action you want them to take on your crossfit website? Lets think about it as if this visitor had just landed at the gym door, what is the first thing you do? You’d show them around right? Show them the facilities, the gym, maybe watch a class with them. How do you do this online? You need to leave them little breadcrumbs to find their way around your site. Therefore you need a clear picture of how you want someone to traverse your site, the order they should see things, the most important aspects that will sell your gym to them and entice them to reach out and take the next step

3. Call to Action

Now you have the great homepage. You have a structure that entices your customer to stay on your page. How do you make that conversion and turn them into a lead? You need a call to action – an action step that the customer needs to take. Some call to actions are to guide a user around a site. There should always be the big call to action – the contact us or the download this guide – whatever you think you need them to do. It needs to be irresistible to the visitor. Downloading a free guide or watching a video are great enticers but they don’t have the power of a contact us action as it isn’t an immediate step towards becoming a client. Decide how this visitor is going to become a client and make your website work this angle for you

4. Special Offer for new CrossFit clients

What do you offer that makes you stand out from the rest of the CrossFit gyms? Do you offer a free trial? Or do you offer a months free membership? What about an onboarding? Whatever it is that you offer to clients, you need to detail on your website. Make it easy for them to claim that offer without too much hassle.

5. Becoming a trustworthy CrossFit Website

Trust is the biggest factor when it comes to converting a prospect. So how do you build trust with people you don’t know? You start with some honesty in the form of testimonials from members, clients and other credible personalities in the community. Don’t be shy about those claim to fames either. If Mat Fraser threw around some weights in your gym, get that photo and use it to build credibility among the community. He chose your gym. Just don’t overdo it. Once is enough to feature the picture on your site. Theres a fine line between building that credibility and bragging about a 20 minute interaction with a games athlete. Find areas you excel in as a gym and document it. Nothing says trust me like a piece written with clear passion, truth and honest information.

6. Use images of real people doing CrossFit

CrossFit is for everyone. Therefore your imagery should represent the people you want to attract to become members. There are many very talented photographers out there who can take and create some fabulous images for your website. This will give you great content with which to design your site, as well as having a bank of images for all future marketing, promotion and social media requirements. I can highly recommend Des Foley Instagram | Website or Ciaran Watts Instagram | Website link both of whom have provided photography for sites I’ve designed. 


There are a lot of technical issues to think about when it comes to the design of a website. There is so much more to it than picking a template and putting in some nice pictures, putting it online and hoping for the best. Investing in professional help will always pay off. Investing in a professional who knows your market – what’s where the magic lies.

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