We don't rise to the level of our expectations

we fall to the level of our training

Let me tell you about Simply Web Design – a small company set up from a passion for websites!

Hi! I’m Sharon. This is my site and my dream! Ive worked on websites for a very long time and one day I just bit the bullet and set up Simply Web Design.

A little about me – lets start with my background. I have almost 20 years of IT experience. Ive worked in roles such as IT support, Product Support, IT Training, Penetration Testing, Security Analysis and CyberSecurity Testing. I have a pretty extensive list of credentials to my name at this point – I’ve an Honours Degree in Computer Security & Digital Forensics, a Certificate in Web Design, A diploma in ITC Skills which allows me to teach Information Technology, a Certificate in Computing and I’m a System Security Certified Professional (SSCP). I have many industry certificates with companies like Cisco and Sage and SANS and I’m currently studying some advanced penetration skills with eLearn Security.

Having always intended on working in Web Design, I ended up working as an ethical hacker where my job is to break websites and make them do things they weren’t really designed to do… ethically – I get paid to hack them which makes it legal and above board! 

A few years ago I found my way back to web design when my gym needed a website and I offered my help. I’ve now seen this company through a complete website update, a complete content over haul and a complete rebranding. It has been an epic journey for me and has become a complete labour of love. For this reason I have a special package for gyms that can be found here

Does this make me a superhero – breaking websites by day, creating them by night?! If it does, I’ll be requiring a cape. 

So here I am, bringing what I love into fruition! 

I look forward to working with you and bringing my passion to your website.