CrossFit Gym Package


A dedicated package for CrossFit gyms

This package will put time back into the hands of the gym owner! 

If you have spent hours struggling to carry out website updates when you could have been focusing on running your gym, then this package is for you. Not only can you get your current website redesigned but you will get 1 year of website maintenance included. Website maintenance will transfer the effort of updating and content changes to a professional website designer who will set aside dedicated hours every month to carry out any website work you require. 

As an added benefit, you can avail of discounts on competition print media design.

ScoreCards – Registration Forms – Athlete Lists and more

We design all competition print media to the highest standards.  Our media has been used at the highest level of competition in Ireland. All media is branded to suit your competition brand

Man athlete sport weights

If your website has been sitting around gathering dust for a while now, its time for a refresh. 

A website refresh can make a big impact even though the changes themselves are quite minor. By updating the overall look and feel of your site you can quickly bring your site right up to date

Updating SEO goes hand in hand with a refresh. If your site isn’t generating the leads you expect then a refresh could be on the cards. 

Injecting some personality, gym ethos and values to your site will attract the customers who will thrive in your gym. It will turn prospective clients into life long members 

We can help

CrossFit Package Features

What your CrossFit package includes

Website Content

Website Refresh / Rebranding

Maintenance Plan

1 year of maintenance services

SEO Optimisation

Updated SEO optimised for Google

Social Media

Social media channels will be integrated with your website


Checks on current security level
Backups taken

Discounted print design

Branded Scorecards
Branded Registration Forms

Refresh of a CrossFit site

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