How to claim your business on Google My Business

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What is Google My Business?

GMB is a free and user-friendly tool where you can manage your business’ digital presence for both Google Search and Google Maps. GMB is a service offered by Google to businesses that allows them to claim their business premises online and list their company information and details. It allows businesses to interact with customers and display images and offers to them. GMB also allows rating of a business and allows businesses to build a reputation via a star rating. When a consumer searches for a key term that matches a business keyword, Google will serve up Google My Business pages. Using GMB is a really easy way to get your business on page 1 of search results.

A lot of companies and service providers provide the same service and product from the same location. Google shows only the top 3 business information in their results and this is down to your businesses Google My Business Optimisation.

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Why you should use Google My Business

As mentioned in a previous blog 93% of online experiences begin with a Google Search. This is why we optimse websites so that they will rank highly in a Google Search. It can take a little time for a brand new website to rank well in searches, but a really easy and quick way to get onto page one of the search results is to use Google My Business and you will appear right away. When people search for products or services you offer Google will display your business, this gives you huge visibility.

If you don’t claim your business, Google will attempt to serve up details it finds about your business which may not be accurate. By claiming and verifying your GMB page you can ensure that Google serves up exactly what you want your customers to see

Optimising your Google My Business page

Google My Business runs on the information you provide. Take time to fill in all the sections you can possibly fill in. It will be worth the time it takes. Unlike SEO for a website, optimisation for Google My Business is straight forward and easily done by following the guidelines below.

  1. Create Your Account & Claim Your Business
    Go to and create your profile. You can use any gmail account to sign up – you indicate websites and contact details later so a personal gmail account is fine to login with. Click on the setup wizard and follow the instructions to set up your profile
  2. Verify your business
    Go through the verification process so that Google knows your business is legit. Google may send a postcard to your physical location to authenticate the location.
  3. Complete every section of your profile
    Now you can optimse your profile so it ranks in the tops of the businesses that Google shows. Complete all sections of the profile. Make sure you include your Business Name, Location, Phone, Categories, Hours, Service Area’s and your descriptions.
  4. Categorise your business
    Categories describe your business and are used to connect you to people looking for services you provide.This will increase the chances of appearing in the top results for relevant searches, which can aid in gaining new clients.
  5. Add Your Primary Website
    Add your website link to the primary website section and use the link to your contact page as your appointment link

  6. Detail Services and Products
    Add in details of the products/services you provide. Use keywords from your website that will equate to words the user searches for
  7. Request Reviews
    The best reviews will come from clients you have worked for. Send them the link to your reviews and ask if they will review your services. You could also ask them to use your keywords.
    Always respond to reviews, again using your keywords. This builds rapport and trust with people who view your business
  8. Videos and Photo’s
    Images and video are more engaging than text. Adding a few pictures to your business profile will attract more views than a page without images. Set your logo and cover photo also. these should be the minimum photos you add to your profile.
  9. Set your service area
    Recently Google rolled out the option to list multiple service areas, separate to your physical business location. Google will rank all areas equally
  10. Add a Request a Quote Button
    Turn on messaging in your profile so that customers can request a quote directly from your listing
  11. Answer FAQs
    You can ask and answer some FAQ’s yourself – this is allowed by Google. Answer some questions you think your customer might ask

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