Maintenance Package


 Once your website launches, the work doesn’t stop there. There is always some maintenance needed on a website to keep it from getting lost in the wonderland of the internet. From security updates to graphical and technical maintenance to the bills that need to be paid to keep the show on the road. It takes time and effort to keep a website online, up-to-date and relevant. 

Being capable of carrying out these maintenance tasks yourself is great – if you had the time and everything always goes according to plan. However, there are times when even a simple update could take your site down, who do you call then? There are no ghostbusters. Web designer call out fees can run into the hundreds of euros depending on the time taken to resolve the issue. 

This is where having a designer on retainer pays the biggest dividends. You get dedicated weekly hours of the designers time which can be used for content updating, software updating, pricing updates – whatever you need changed will be covered by  our plans. 


Maintenance Plan Features

A Maintenance plan covers all of the following:

We offer 2 kinds of plan depending on how much updating your site will require. 

All plans cover tool updates, security checks, SEO updating and site backups

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