Why does your business need a website?

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Why your business needs a website

Why does your business need a website if you have all the social media channels, do you need a website? Do you need to put that work in even if you don’t sell online? What are they benefits of having more than just social media channels?

The short answer is YES! Lets have a look at why. You can check out the services we provide if you need a nudge in the right direction

1. Expectation

Your target market expect to find you online. They expect to be able to find your website so they can learn all about your company and become your customer. 

A Facebook or Instagram page just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to what people expect. 

When they search you, and they will search you, if they don’t see a company website listed among the search results it taints their perception of your company – see the first post in this series to find out why this is true. 

You are literally losing customers before you even know they could be customers! 

Covid has forced so many more people than ever before online. The expectations on companies to look and perform as well as their competitors has risen exponentially with that growth. People are learning to take their time and suss out the competition before they buy. If you aren’t there among the competition how can they learn about you?

Don’t lose out before you even know the race has started

2. Potential Custom

93% of online experiences begin with a google search. Why is that? 

It’s because users don’t really know what they are looking for, ever. They may have a general idea, but they need the guidance of a search engine to hone their search for the perfect black dress or the greatest winter coat.

If you’re company isn’t showing up in those google searches then how will those potential customers find you? 

They won’t, but they will find your competitors and they will do business with them

Make your business an option by making your website a priority

3. Quick Answers

People want information fast. 

A website provides your audience with essential information about your business quickly and easily

Consumers are information thirsty and social media doesn’t easily quench that thirst – it was never designed to do this. In fact it does the opposite. 

Potential customers won’t spend time searching your grid or feed for the information they need. If what they require isn’t in the top few posts they will give up looking and instead will pop you a ‘quick’ DM or they will leave and go elsewhere. Answering a mountain of these repetitive DM’s is a huge drain on resources that you could be putting into your business.

Top tip: get working on quick replies or auto responders for your media platforms that you can customise with website links to the information people request most. Quick replies can be personalised for each DM so it doesn’t sound like a robot answered the question!

4. Information

You don’t need to be selling online, to have an online presence 

Information is by far the biggest driver of google searches. 

Want a plumber in Carlow? Google! 
Want an accountant in Cork? Google! 
Want a job anywhere? Google! 
Want to know why you’re hungry for information but thirsty for knowledge… Google it!

Get your business information out there so that you’re in a position to battle it out with your competitors who are already online

Can you afford not to? 

5. Trust

Consumers – of products or information – trust companies with websites more than they trust companies without a website!!

84% of consumers think a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page 

Don’t lose out to a competitor – get your business online

(Ref: verisign.com)

6. Engagement

Engagement – that critical function that turns leads into actual customers

Creating a robust online presence that engages prospects and converts them into customers is vital in this digital world

A visually appealing, informative website helps attract these business prospects and delights them enough for them to take that extra step to becoming your customer 

Delight those prospects, make those conversions!

Ask yourself again, why does your business need a website? Do you still think you don’t need one? If you have changed your mind, reach out and we will help you create something stunning



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