5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Updating

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Ever wonder why your website need updating regularly? Nobody likes to hit on a website that looks like it was made in the 80’s with wallpaper for a background and some funky font that was once cool. Worse still no-one wants to find a website that doesn’t work properly. Lets look at some reasons why you won’t be converting if your website needs an overhaul

1. That 80’s look won’t attract anyone to shop with you

If your website is living back in the 80’s, does your company even exist anymore? The first thing someone looking at an outdated website thinks is “are they still in business”. You don’t want this as the first impression you make. On the flip side, a professional, clean looking website with current information and up to date imagining oozes expertise and authority. This is an impression you want to make. If you look at your website and think anything other than wow it looks fab, then your website needs updating

2. Google will not be your friend if your website needs updating

Google and other search engines regard websites that have been recently updated as more relevant than a website that hasn’t been touched in a while. Since google can’t actually read, it doesn’t know that your content is gold. It just knows its been sitting there for 3 years. To google, that is stale. Stale information does not rank well. There are smart time efficient ways that you can keep your content updated without too much effort. You just need to get a little creative. 

3. An updated website is less likely to get hacked

Security changes over time. What you need to secure against, and how you secure against it changes. An outdated website runs the risk of not living up to the security its users expect. Social media hacking and website hacking is rife but an older website is more susceptible to being attacked since it depends on older technology and standards of security. Especially true for small businesses selling through their website but relevant to everyone online. Have someone access the security of your current site and guide you towards a higher level of security without compromising your users experience.

4. How people use the internet has changed

How people used the internet 10 years ago when your website was created, is very different to how people use the internet today. The use of mobile has increased to way beyond the use of desktop. Mobile searches are far greater than desktop searches. People use their mobile devices far more easily and far more often than they did 3 or 5 or 10 years ago. Your website needs to cater for the change in our technological environment. If your website doesn’t respond well to being viewed on all shapes and sizes of screens then you will are losing before you have even begun to try to make conversions

5. No employee will promote you 24/7 the way an updated website will

Websites are your online 24/7 representation of your business. Your business deserves to look its best around the clock, since its always on the clock! There isn’t an employee out there who can do as much for you and make you look as well as a good website can make you look. Do your business a favour, sit down and be really critical of what you are serving up to the public. Is it you? Does it scream out your personality and core values? Will it attract the clients you want? Be REALLY critical. There is a huge difference in having an online presence, and having an online presence that works for you.

If your website is feeling stale and time is not something you have in abundance, reach out and we will revive your website  We will inject that life and functionality you have always dreamed it would have but never had the time to implement. 


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